This is a journal of our retirement move and life in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island's ruggedly beautiful west coast. The town's motto is "Enjoy life on the edge".

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Until the Next Time...


This will be the last post of the Ucluelet Bound! blog, as tomorrow, we pack up the truck and head across the water to our next adventure in North Vancouver's Lower Lonsdale neighborhood. The past year in Ukee has been an adventure that we'll never forget, a year in a place that offers a spectacular palette of Nature's wonders, all served up in golds, greens and blues.


Today, we pretty much finished up the packing, made a run to the dump, had a final lunch at the TacoFino Cantina, and then did a beach walk from Incinerator Rock up to the fabulous area just before Schooner Cove, one of our favorite stretches along the coast.


The weather for today and the next couple of days is simply stellar, with deep blue skies, bright, warm sunshine, and no fog. After a trek to Port on Tuesday through a downpour, this break in the weather is most welcome... we've done too many moves over the years in pissing rain, and it dampens not just the person, but the spirit too.


Later tonight, we expect my daughter, Rachael, and my eldest son, Alexander, who have once again volunteered to help us with the move, and we are enormously grateful, as both Marcelle and I both have arthritis and simply trying to grip things these days can be a punishing experience. My back also gives me much grief if I even attempt to overdo things, so having the kids' help is marvelous! It's also just plain fun to do this as a family, and the main reason for our moving back to the mainland is to be closer to the kids.


Tomorrow morning, we're off to Port to pick up a 17-foot U-Haul truck into which we will then shoehorn the household. Then Sunday morning, we head for the 10:40 AM ferry and on to the new digs.


If you, Dear Reader, enjoyed this blog, I hope that you'll follow us along on our next adventure in my Eyes On Vancouver blog. Hope to see you there, and thanks for the memories!


Monday, 1 September 2014

Dining Out in Style

After a full day of pre-move packing and cleaning, Marcelle and I were not just fatigued, but famished to boot. We made a desultory attempt at trying to figure out a dinner choice, which is difficult to do when you've packed virtually the entire kitchen, upon which Marcelle declared we would go out for dinner. Well, being the dutiful husband that I am, I immediately embraced this stirling decision.

Into the car we climbed and headed for a restaurant that, unbeknownst to us, was not open. Regrouping, we got back in the car, and in the spirit of the moment, I suggested we try Norwoods Restaurant. For those of you, Dear Readers, who are unaware of this establishment, I can only say you are missing out on one of Ucluelet's treasures.


We have had the pleasure of eating at Norwoods twice before tonight, both times before we moved to Ukee. Tonight, we treated ourselves once again, and the experience was magical.


We were lucky enough to arrive just as they opened the door, and this was indeed fortuitous as we had no reservation, but were seated at the wet bar, where we were served by Kaylee (profuse apologies if this spelling is in error), a vivacious and charming young woman looked after our every need.


Chef Richard Norwood has created a business here in Ucluelet, with a cachet that one would expect in the finest restaurants in a large city, yet nestled in this small village, it offers a unique dining experience.


After a marvellous appetizer assortment, we segued to the main course you see being finalized below, the beef tenderloin which literally melted in the mouth.


Dessert was as scrumptious as the appetizer and main courses had been, Marcelle had a fruit tart with custom made cinnamon ice cream, while I had goat cheese on a bed of crushed hazelnuts topped with a delicious compote.


Kaylee suggested an Earl Grey Double Cream tea to finish the meal, and it was perfect. Indeed the entire experience was perfect.


Many thanks to the chef and staff for a meal that we will long remember as we wind down our year in Ucluelet. We may be living on the edge, but dinner at Norwoods is a heavenly experience!